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Cohabitation Agreements

Did you know, couples who live together but are not legally married, whether of the same or different sexes, need a written contract in order to have rights if and when the relationship terminates...

Marriage and Divorce

When ending a marriage is the only option, individuals
must be assured they have knowledgeable divorce representation, especially in a high net-worth income dissolution...

Issues Affecting Children

It is especially important to support children through divorce and other family law matters. We know what it takes to assist families with child custody and related economic issues, such as enforcement and modification...
Beverly Hills Family Law Firm

Experienced Representation for Complex Family Law

When an individual is faced with marital separation, divorce, or custody, they need a lawyer that can help them through this critical time of their life. They will rely on their lawyer’s to guide them through some of the most important decisions of their life, decisions that will affect them and their family.

Whether our clients are seeking to settle or litigate a family law case or need counsel for litigation, The Lavi Firm, P.C., will be of guidance.

Trusted Legal Advocates

Our practice comprises a full complement of family law services. We represent individuals in divorce actions, including those involving high net-worth divorce and complex support. We strive for fair spousal support and alimony orders, and an equitable distribution of assets.

In addition, we assist people with asset protection by drafting pre and postnuptial agreements, as well as cohabitation agreements.

When children are part of a divorce, we assist parents obtain child custody and visitation agreements that are in the best interest of the family. We also provide services related to enforcement and modification of child and spousal support orders. Our firm further represents grandparents or third parties seeking visitation or custody of minor children. In instances of domestic abuse allegations, we can enforce or defend against protection from abuse orders.

To discuss how our firm may assist your family, contact The Lavi Firm, P.C., at 310-289-0989 or contact us online, to schedule your free consultation.